Clear your head, relax your body. From palm to sole.

All great turn-of-the-century houses had a private corner reserved for the preparation and preservation of fine linens, which were coveted and revered as a symbol of nature, light and purity. The beautifully designed Linen Rooms at Merchants Manor are the ultimate pampering space. Blending centuries-old rejuvenation techniques and natural elixirs with the latest thinking on how to best treat body and soul. Choose from a range of life-enhancing therapies and feel yourself again, but better.

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Relax your body

Explorer’s Rest

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 1 hour | £65 
Feel the tension float away as you relax into a concentrated one-hour back, shoulder and neck massage. A perfect antidote for anyone who’s been adventuring outdoors, hunched over a laptop or simply overdoing it.

Merchant’s Return

Indonesian Massage 1 hour | £70, 1½ hours | £90
A therapeutic experience that’s perfect for people with busy lives. Ease muscle and joint strain and enhance mobilisation with a fusion of deep massage, long gentle strokes and acupressure.

Smell the Roses

Aromatherapy 1 hour | £75, 1½ hours | £90
Extracting nature’s power. Aromatherapy holistic massage uses the therapeutic properties of plant oils to enhance body and mind, blended just for you.

The Essential Selection

Aromatherapy 2 hours | £135
A truly one-off aromatherapy experience. Meet the aromatherapy consultant, who’ll create a perfect balance of organic oils and essential aromatics, helping you find the delicate balance of mind, body and spirit in this two-hour indulgence of the senses.

Nomad’s Walk

Chavutti Thirumal 1 hour | £70, 1½ hours | £90
The rejuvenating Chavutti Thirumal massage technique is brought to you from south India. A therapist will iron out tensions with the arch, heel and toes of their feet, working into the contours of your body. Much like yoga, you’ll feel increased flexibility, enhanced suppleness and reduced muscle pain.

Traditional Thai Massage

1 hour | £70, 1½ hours | £90
A unique form of body and energy work from Thailand, using hands, feet, elbows and knees. A therapist will press, squeeze, stretch and rock you into a state of deepest relaxation and wellbeing.

Peace of Paradise

Lomi Lomi 1 hour | £70, 1½ hours |£90
Feel a sense of transcendent calm, with our traditional Hawaiian massage. Lomi Lomi massage harnesses long, gentle, rhythmic strokes and uses fragrant oils to invoke the spirit of Aloha (Love).

Take the Weight Off

Leg Works 1 hour | £70
Using organic balms from Inlight, this leg treatment will help reduce the signs of ageing, stimulate circulation and trigger your skin’s natural detoxifying processes.

Energy Embrace

Made to Measure 1½ hours | £90 
Inspired by Inlight’s silky Body Oil with Arnica, this is 
a total body experience, combining soothing sweeping spiral movements and Qi massage (incorporating crystals), to release trapped energy. A session will be tailored to your specific needs.


Swedish Massage 1 hour | £65, 1½ hours | £85
A traditional Swedish massage which uses the classic five strokes of gliding, kneading, rhythm tapping, friction and vibration.

Let There Be Light

Apollo Awakening 1 hour | £135
Capturing the essence of the ocean, two therapists will work together in a wave-like flow to induce a profound awakening of your senses, re-connecting energy pathways from your core to the tips of your toes.

Dig Deeper

Herculean Deep Tissue Massage 1 hour | £135
Restore synchronicity and release stress with this four-
handed deep tissue massage, using Inlight’s organic firm and tone oils.

Mother Nurture

Pregnancy Massage 1½ hours | £100, 2 hours | £130
Relax and embrace the time to pamper yourself before your baby comes into the world.


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Clear your head


Inlight Facial 1¼ hours | £75

Locally sourced organic products from Inlight work with Ayurvedic points and lymphatic drainage techniques, to leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and revived.

Top to Toe

Combination Reflexology 1½ hours | £90

Take the time for some top to toe indulgence. This blend of 
foot reflexology culminates in an organic facial and feeling 
of total restoration.


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From palm to sole

Thai Foot Massage

1 hour | £70
Embrace a fusion of classical reflexology with a Thai massage twist. Enjoy a freshening soak and soothing scrub, followed by a lower leg and deep foot massage with a Thai massage stick.


1 hour | £70
Reflexologists will highlight any imbalances in your body and ignite the rejuvenation process in you.

Pampered Palms

Manicure 1 hour | £45 
Pure luxury at your fingertips, this deluxe manicure will leave your hands feeling sensually soft, and with perfectly polished nails.

Search your sole

Pedicure 1 hour | £45
Embrace bliss for your feet in this indulgent session, where essential oils soothe tired soles and therapists shape and paint your nails to perfection.



The Linen Rooms is operated by Merchants Manor. The treatments and therapies offered are provided by some of the best therapists in the country. Merchants Manor acts only as an agent for the booking of treatments and therapies at the Linen Rooms. Individual treatments and therapies are provided by the approved third party therapists and consultants, not Merchants Manor.



Experience our Linen Rooms, call or drop in and we’ll gladly show you around.