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30 July 2014

Inside the Manor: An Interview with Nick Rudlin, owner of Merchants Manor

For the first in our series of ‘Inside the Manor’ it was only right to get owner Nick Rudlin to launch proceedings with his incredible vision and love of Cornwall. 

For the first in our series of ‘Inside the Manor’ it was only right to get owner Nick Rudlin to launch proceedings. Here he talks about offering the very best hotel service, family life and giving something back to Cornwall.


Tell us more about your vision for Merchants Manor?

When my wife Sioned and I took the helm at Merchants Manor in Falmouth, in October 2012, our vision was clear: establish something as a family, for our family in the heart the local community. After decades of combined experience working for some of the world’s most well-regarded hotels, including The Ritz and the Marriott portfolio, we have been able to bring lots of industry knowledge and experience to Falmouth.

What attracted you to Falmouth?

I spent a lot of my childhood in Cornwall and Devon and have always had a fond love of the coast having grown up by it in Wales. Falmouth has it all; from a rich maritime past, present and future, to a vibrant shopping centre and busy events calendar.

What’s changed since you and Sioned took over the helm?

Since taking over the hotel in Falmouth we’ve worked tirelessly to carefully bring it up to date but at the same time maintain its all-important Cornish charm and history.

What else sets the Manor apart?

We’ve pledged that wherever possible we’ll keep what we’re spending on developing the hotel in the local economy and almost, without exception, we have been able to forge relationships with local producers, traders and suppliers. Everything from our branding and builders to our fruit, veg, meat and fish suppliers are all sourced from right here in Cornwall. It gives us a great sense of pride to be able to give something back – something you don’t get the opportunity to do when you work for larger establishments.

Creating a team who is committed, and enthused, to deliver the very best possible service is at the heart of our approach and apparent across the hotel from the kitchen to the front desk.

What do you like the most about Cornwall?

Since moving to Cornwall I know we’ll never tire of the area. We love how you can travel a very short distance and the landscape changes so quickly. Our favourite time of the day is early evening just before sunset when the air seems to glow and then into the night when the sky is full of stars in a way you would never see in a city.