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09 January 2015

Inside the Manor: An Interview with Brenton Doble

Find out what our Health and Fitness Manager, Brenton Doble, believes using hotel facilities such as the Gym and Swimming Pool can ensure a happy holiday. 

“New year, new me!”

2015 presents a blank sheet, with many of us vowing to cut out that last glass of wine or to be more active. We’ve made plenty of new friends in the Manor wellness centre over the past few weeks. Some are getting into shape for their big day, others are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and some are simply looking for a new hobby.

Our leisure manager Brenton has been delighted with all the new faces coming in to start as they mean to go on throughout the year. We caught up with Brenton to get his personal views on fitness and why it’s important.

Why is a hotel gym important to customers?

Pack your gym gear – We’re all looking forward to our holidays, it’s a time where we traditionally forget the rules of our everyday lives and enjoy ourselves with friends and family. But it is also when we have a little more me-time and doing a work out helps add to that feel good factor.

As a local hotel we welcome people to use our state of the art fitness solutions and get advice from educated individuals. It is important to me that we give something back to this great community that is enjoyed by so many of our guests. Our unique personal approach to member interaction, one to one time and the ability to draw on years of experience within the team set apart from other gyms in the area with.

Do Merchants Manor run any dedicated fitness classes?

Group exercise is fun and training with family or friends contributes to the holistic approach of health, wellbeing, fun and functionality. Our classes are bespoke and are tailored to each individual’s specific requirements and aspirations.

At present, we run Becky’s new R.U.SURF.FIT classes twice weekly with plans to expand our offering. Her classes run every Tuesday & Thursday with plans to run a mixture of classes on Fridays.

‘Off the shelf’ fitness solutions I believe are becoming less popular as individuals start to shift towards correct education and individuality of their requirements to maximise results. ONE SIZE DOSEN’T FIT ALL.

Why is it important to have a strong fitness team on hand when you’re working out

Rather than having a training philosophy, it is more productive to have a training approach based on facts and critical monitoring of test variables, representative of the physical development possible through strength and conditioning programs. Our team prescribe a personalised conditioning program, designed for fun, function and results. Individuals who are given the correct knowledge are capable of maximum efforts in resistance training,

I passionately believe that fitness is about education, not only from trainer to client, but a client teaching a trainer to be adaptive in their approach to find the correct path for greater overall wellbeing and to continue on a shared journey to meet and exceed aspirations. The only barriers to success are self-imposed by the insecurities and fear of the individual.

What can we look forward to in the coming months?

A continued approach to support our members and guests in achieving and exceeding their aspirations. To provide diversity through functional, fun training solutions, group exercise programs and one to one personal training.

Members will continue to receive benefits such as 15% off on food & beverage and 10% off all hotel accommodation, as well as training programmes and 6-week reviews. Keep an eye out for upcoming offers on events, memberships and classes in the New Year!