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07 December 2016

A rare moment of me time at the Linen Rooms

We had the wonderful Sophie Baker, from Muddy Stilettos, join us for a day of relaxation at our Linen Rooms Spa this week. Here is her review of a rare moment of me time at the Linen Rooms.

I picked a bad day to travel to Falmouth last week – rubbish weather and accidents meant I arrived in a grumpy mood with a stonking headache and over half an hour late for my much anticipated appointment at The Linen Rooms – the award winning day spa at the Merchant’s Manor hotel. Yup, only six months since they opened, the Linen Rooms nabbed the coveted Muddy Cornwall award for best day spa.

As soon as I came up the stairs into the spa area it was obvious why they had won. Merchant’s is a gloriously decorated turn of the century hotel, spa and restaurnt, recently rennovated to an exceptionally high standard. Bijou, but in no way compact, this boutique spa has just two exquisitely appointed treatment suites. Spacious and dramatically decorated with a consultation seating area. This spa is wholly about wellness – and I couldn’t wait to be made well.

But before we get to that, a bit about Sarah, my bringer of wellness! From a medical family, Sarah has a long interest in massage for rejuvination and easing symptoms of chronic illness, and with many years experience, she has the type of kind face and soothing calm voice that you instantly trust. Sarah puts the treat in treatment. The treatment I was booked for I missed due to my lateness (check out the four hand Apollo Awakening massage) but I will be back in the new year to put that to the test for you muddies. The team were very accomodating though and offered instead a bespoke inlight Enlightenment facial. You might have spotted the Inlight brand in and around the Truro boutiques (I first saw it at Plum), but if you’re not familiar, Inlight is the brain child of Dr Spiezia (a real doctor and one of the top 25 who’s who in natural beauty) – and its so good, its touted as 21st century alchemy – organic with powerful plant essences and essential oils. All the products are vegetarian superfoods, the health giving properties radiating good vibes.

I’m well known for nodding off and even snoring (and possibly dribbling) during beauty treatments, but this was different. It was incredibly soothing and restorative, but at the same time, I very much wanted to be part of it and felt very much wide awake. This experience was more ritual. It began by taking tea – A Dr Spieza detox blend of camomile, nettle and burdock almong other things. Then, my hands were then warmed in a copper bowl of hand hot water to relax my frazzled body. Then a head massage with a copper head massager – all before hopping up onto the couch. Sarah managed to get rid of my tension headache (the ride in was a nightmare!) within minutes. The ritual continued in traditional facial style, and I was soon wrapped up in warm blanket, having my make up removed with a gentle cleanser. Hot towels warmed and removed the cleanser, then it was time for a superfood face mask smelt of spinich – it contained spirulina and rose seed oil. The mask waken off with hot towels again, and I enjoyed the gentlest face and neck massage. The ritual ended with possitive affirmations gently whispered over me, then more of that delicious tea. It was a real sensory treat – and I didn’t fall asleep.


£££: This is a luxury treatment and it lived up to my expectations. The Enlightenment facial was 11/4 hours at cost £75 – mid range for such a sensory experience.

Good for: Everyone can enjoy this facial, even in pregnancy (just a couple of changes to the choice of oils are required to ensure total safety). Men love it too!

What else? The spa offers rather exotic treatments, you’ll struggle to find elsewhere – not only the four handed Apollo, but Chavutti Thirumal, Hawaiian and traditional Thai massage, as well as selling the Inlight ritual product range, which is firmly on my Christmas list. And if you live in or near Falmouth, lucky you! They’ve just renovated the pool and fitness suite which is open to non residents. Check out the swim and gym deals. They also do foodie breaks, girly breaks, weddings and even Christmas!