Bar & Lounge

What’s your tipple? Whether yours is a long, cool cocktail or a pint of locally-crafted ale – pull up a chair, sit back and unwind. After all, taking time out to lounge is what holidays are for.

After an active day out on the waves, hitting the shops, or exploring the Cornish countryside, enjoy a warm welcome as you return to the Manor to wet your whistle.

Cocktail o’clock

When the sun’s over the yardarm, join us in the bar to unwind with an array of the finest cocktails. From The Coastal Walk, blending Plymouth’s classic sloe berry gin with a dash of Hendricks finest poured over crushed ice, to the Manor House Martini, we’ve got all the classics – or if you fancy a change, try our own twist on your old favourites. Anyone for a Gale Force Ten? 

Lounging about

Brewing’s part of our history here – the Carnes, who originally built the Manor, came from a line of merchants and brewers. Behind the bar you’ll find bottles and jars dating back to the early 1900s, marked with the family brewery name. In the Brasserie sit some original Carne family mementos, including some of the first screw top bottles ever used in the UK (hence the Manor’s old nickname, the ‘Screw Top Mansion’). Where better to indulge in a little lounging about and soaking up the past, whilst supping on something special? You’ll be in good company.