Local Artisan Producers

When a perfectly presented dish from our Rastella menu arrives at your table, you become part of a story that began days, weeks, or even months before in the fields and waters of Cornwall.

We’re very lucky to work with some incredible people, who each play their part in that story. People we count on as more than just a supplier.

Here are the people who bring something special to our table.

The Forager

The ForagerOften found scouring the coastal shallows and country lanes around Falmouth, forager extraordinaire Miles Lavers brings freshly picked sea greens to the table.

As fresh as it gets

The ever-growing popularity for foraged foods and the quality of his precious finds means Miles’ greens are in great demand. And not just in Cornwall. So we’re doubly proud to have him turn up at our kitchen door with ingredients he’s picked just hours earlier. “The van is a bit like a kids’ sweet shop for chefs,” says Miles. “It’s the freshest stuff because I’ve picked it that morning and I take it round straight away.”

“I’ve picked it that morning and I take it round straight away.”

-  Miles Lavers, forager, bringing freshly picked sea greens to your plate.

The art of foraging

Fancy trying your hand at foraging? Rock Samphire is a distinctive salty nibble.

-  Find it: on low-lying rocks and shingle beaches.

-  Spot it: look for fleshy tubular stems with a pungent odour when crushed.

-  Time it: grows from the end of April until October or November in the UK.

-  Taste it: distinctively crisp and salty. Some describe the taste as like salty carrots.

The Lobster Fisherman

The Lobster FishermanFrom casting a line into a small pond as a boy to steering his boat out into Falmouth Bay in all weathers, a passion for fishing runs deep in Steve Cariad’s veins.

From boat to plate

Steve’s been fishing commercially for ten years, he also lands prawns and a variety of crab. He plucks his shellfish from the waves in Falmouth Bay and delivers them to us the same day. “The journey takes about 15 minutes, which is about three or four food miles,” he explains. “Lobster that has been sustainably caught here is fresh, handled with care and reaches the Manor in perfect condition.”

“Falmouth Bay lobster is second to none – the best tasting lobster in the world!”

– Steve Cariad, Lobster fisherman, bringing fresh Falmouth-caught shellfish to your plate

The Market Gardener

The Market GardenerCanara Farm’s Peter Lawrence draws on fascinating, little-known historic techniques to work the land and bring the tastiest organic vegetables to your plate.

Growing with the stars

Peter runs his own 14-acre organic holding, Canara Farm, less than five miles from Merchants Manor. The light loam soils and mild climate make it perfect for mixed market gardening. What’s more, the seeds are sewn according to a specific biodynamic diary, calculated according to the position of the moon, planets and constellations. “It’s an ancient system and I can tell you from experience that it absolutely works,” says Peter. “It’s a strain of knowledge from the past that’s been superseded by commercial agriculture, but is at the very core of the organic philosophy.”

“It’s a strain of knowledge from the past that’s at the very core of the organic philosophy.”

– Peter Lawrence,Market Gardener, bringing tasty organic veg to your plate

The Butcher

The ButcherTaste before price. That’s the ethos that pushes Ian Warren, of Philip Warren Graziers and Master Butchers, to keep giving his customers the best meat. And his farmers the best deal.

Putting flavour first

Those farmers are scattered from Bodmin Moor to Dartmoor. “My sister and dad go out to the farms personally to select the cattle,” says Ian. “The best thing about my job is having farmers who are proud to supply us. That’s important to me because farmers get a rough deal and I want to be part of making that better.”

Philip Warren now supplies top London chefs as well as the best of the best in Devon and Cornwall. Our chef Dale McIntosh has been working with Philip Warren for four years. “I like Dale because he knows what he wants and he’s about product before price, which is how we work,” says Ian. “You’ve got to have the best product.”

“My sister and dad go out to the farms personally to select the cattle”

– Ian Warren, Grazier and Master Butcher, bringing full-flavoured Dexter beef to your plate.


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