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From Chinese yoga to HIIT training, our wellbeing space provides a multitude of wellbeing and fitness classes to help you synchronise your mind, body, and soul.

Reconnect & reshape

Sometimes there is nothing more motivating than working out in a group of people of all fitness levels and abilities. When running on the treadmill on your own just doesn't cut it, group exercise is the way to go. We have a wide range of exercise classes available focusing on different areas throughout the body to help you get the most out of your workout. Take a look below for information on our current classes.

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Exercise classes at Merchants Manor

  • HIIT

    High intensity interval training. Maximum effort excersie rounds coupled with short active rests creating an environment that will skyrocket your fitness levels and boost your matabolism. 

  • Qigong/Chinese yoga

    The ancient practice of combining fluid movement with breathing techniques to improve overall well being and synchronicity between the mind and body.

  • Box HIIT - high intensity interval training

    A cardio-focussed workout in short bursts of energy. If you're looking to improve your athletic capabilities and metabolism, this is the class for you. Suitable for beginners through to intermediate levels.

  • Balance

    A group exercise class combing Yoga, Pilates and functional movements to strengthen, stretch and develop core stability. If you feel tight around your hips, shoulders or back, this class will help re-balance your body for better movement.

  • Kettlebells

    Combining strength conditioning with an intense cardiovascular workout, kettlebell training the the ultimate two in one power house workout. All wrapped up in one simple set of movements.

  • Katana-cise

    Influenced by eastern European martial arts, Katana-cise aims to improve core and upper body strength, endurance and cardio-vascular ability through the use of wooden bakan katanas and body weight exercises. 

  • V-HIIT

    This insane workout uses an intense selection of body weight exercises performed in quick succession to burn calories. Grab your water bottles and prepare for a rigorous workout. 

  • LIIT - low impact intensity training

    A great way to kick off a workout or start your day, low impact intensity training is a shorter 35 minute workout that focuses on core conditioning and covers both standing and seated exercises.

  • Tone Zone

    A class dedicated to shaping and toning all key areas of the body. Using differing eqiupment  (kettlebells, mats and bands) as well as body and weight exercises. 

  • Tai chi flow

    Fast gaining popularity across the world, tai chi is known for its restorative benefits. Based on the ancient Chinese martial art, tai chi flow can help you align mind, body, and spirit, as well as developing your balance and core strength.

  • Integral Flow

    A system of yoga that incorporates elements of all Yoga's such as Hatha and Asthanga. It seeks to gain balance in both body and mind and varies in difficulty but is accessible to all. 

  • Box Pad Blast

    Abdominal focused class designed to shed the belly and help build a strong and defined core. 

  • Evening Yoga

    Based on integral yoga to gain balance in both body and mind. Suited to all abilities. 

Class timetable


07:00 V.HIITBox Pad Blast Functional FitnessCardio BlastBox Fit  
08:15    Yoga Level 1  
08:30  Tai Chi FlowKettle Bells   
09:00  Balance     
09:15 Tone Zone   Box Pad Blast  
09:30  Chinese YogaTai Chi Flow   
10:00     Balance Boot Camp Circuits 
10:30 LIIT      Tone Zone
11:30 Yoga Level 1      
12:15  Yoga LunchIntegral Flow   
14:00  Tone Zone     
17:30 Functional Fitness   Yoga Level 2-3 Functional Fitness  
17:45  V.HITT     
18:00  Kettle Bells    
18:30 Kettle Bells Box HIIT V.HIIT Evening Yoga  
19:00   Balance    
19:15   Katana-cise   
19:30 Tai Chi Vinyasa Yoga     

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