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Meet. Greet. Or just eat. At Merchants Manor we know corporate events are an opportunity to revolutionise your business. But we also know the value of making them as friendly and comfortable as any other gathering. Here’s how we created an ambience worthy of business development enterprise Unlocking Potential.

Unlocking Potential’s Connect events bring together Cornish businesses and graduates with inspirational national and international business leaders. SSo naturally they wanted a venue worthy of this memorable and dynamic event. Chief Executive Mark Smith explains why they chose Merchants Manor.

The right environment

“When we’re organising these kind of activities, one thing that’s extremely important is the ambience of the venue,” says Mark. “We look for venues that are welcoming and conducive to sharing and learning together.

“The Connect events attract about 200 participants and last over a whole morning. So it’s important to make people feel comfortable engaging with the speakers and with each another. We used the Trelawney Suite at Merchants Manor as our main event space. The conservatory area has lots of natural light, so it’s almost like you’re outdoors, and you don’t feel like you’re shut away in an events room. In the end it was a hugely successful and inspiring event.”

Open and accessible

“There’s loads of flex with the team at Merchants Manor. They always want to create the right environment and deliver a quality experience. A lot of venues just offer one package and aren’t very flexible.

“It’s good to work with people who actually believe in what they’re doing. That belief comes across in the way they operate. As leaders of the organisation, Sioned and Nick’s ethos and commitment infuses every part of the experience. I’d say it’s this openness and accessibility that makes Merchants Manor such a warm and welcoming place to hold an event.” 

It’s good to work with people who actually believe in what they’re doing.”

– Mark Smith, Chief Executive, Unlocking Potential 

Your turn

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